Multi-lane separation table with diverters

Our multi-lane separation table with diverters enables several lanes to be fed with your cans and jars at high speed.

The cycle is as follows:

  1. The table allows a specified number of products to pass through  a lane
  2. The products are blocked
  3. The guides are placed at the infeed of another lane
  4. The cycle resumes according to a given pattern.


  • Product distribution at machine infeed
  • Preparation of layers for palletisation
  • Product splitting

Table de séparation multi-voie par déviateur deux entrées

Technical specifications of the separation table

  • 304L stainless steel frame
  • Translation by pneumatic cylinder
  • Modular or belt chain
  • Customised guiding
  • Blocking by pneumatic cylinder

Option for our multi-lane table with diverter