Palletisation/Depalletisation Table

For palletising and depalletising cans, our lifting accumulation table for palletisation and depalletisation offers numerous possibilities: Multi-format, creation of separated layers and central guides for heavy cans.

The table cycle:

  1. The cans are fed onto the table.
  2. The cleat at the end of the table creates the first line of cans.
  3. Subsequent cans will create a staggered row.
  4. When the layer is ready, the can infeed is stopped.
  5. The side rollers and cleat withdraw to compress the layer of cans.
  6. Picking takes place and the cycle starts again.

Application: Box palletisation

Accumulation table

Technical specifications of palletisation and depalletisation table

  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Modular chain according to customer constraints
  • SEW USOCOM motorisation
  • Custom dimensions

Option for our palletisation and depalletisation table