Multi-lane distribution accumulation table

The multi-lane distribution accumulation table is ideal for steriliser infeeds and outfeeds. The table feeds the sterilisation systems with full cans. Custom-designed and built, we take the different settings of your steriliser into account: output, container rows, infeed and outfeed height, intervals. Adapts perfectly to your production line. Realignment can be performed on several lanes.

Accumulation table cycle:

  1. The cans arrives on the tables by one or more entries.
  2. The central belt carries the cans towards the middle outfeed.
  3. The accumulation is done in the exit corridor with the help of starwheel.
  4. The starwheel counts and blocks the cans.
  5. When the lane is full, the cans go into adjacent lane.
  6. When all the lanes are filled, the cans are recycled in the outer conveyor and redirected to the infeed

Technical specifications of the multi-lane accumulation table

  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Modular chain according to customer constraints
  • SEW USOCOM motorisation